First Studio Session

aka.  Stephanie and Corey: part ONE!

Though we are still not fully open yet in our new studio (very soon). We have been doing a few sessions here and there..  Our first official session to baptize the new studio is a real rock and roll couple, Stephanie and Corey, who gave us pretty much total creative freedom.  You might remember this tease post a week or so ago: Stephanie and Corey.

So here you go, starting off big in the new studio with a little help from Stephanie’s sister, Christine who is a wardrobe stylist here in Vegas, and JR lighting for supplying the killer profoto gear and the huge octobank which allowed me to make the light just how I envisioned it.  I just love these two images of Corey (above) and Stephanie (below) simple but complex. (the water, btw, is an important part of the story)  Exceptional hair and make up by Melissa Conner

“my personal style is dark”, that’s what I usually say.  It’s not often that I get the same said back to me, “yes we like it on the dark side also..”  Awesome, how lucky I am when a super cool couple’s vision lines up with my own personal vision.  dream come true.

These two images I’ll totally credit Stephanie with..  Stephanie says “we love Dexter“, we say “we are big Dexter fans also”, Stephanie says she would love a “dexter” style kill room scene.   Sweet!  We turn to our assistant Rachel and off she goes to buy as much plastic wrap as she can.  1/2 an hour later I have (below) probably my most brutally sexy kiss image of all time..  Thank you, thank you, Stephanie for that idea!

We have so much more to show you, just wait a little while longer for their full wedding post.
Below are a few images of Corey at his day job.  Corey Taylor, btw, is the front man of Slipknot and Stone Sour.  We were lucky enough to get a chance to photograph this couple while they were doing the last concert of the tour.

Stephanie, Corey, thank you two ever so much for the freedom to create, helping break in our new studio and for setting the bar so high for us right out of the gate.  dalisa and i love you guys!    .jmc.

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