Photography by John Michael Cooper, blog by Dalisa

When we met with Amanda for the first time she glowed as she talked about her fairytale life and how it came to be true. She talked about her Fiancé and how wonderful he is. She talked about her children and the fact that these two families will become one by the end of the year. Amanda also shared the love of her horse, Coca Cola, and how much she really wanted to have a fairytale family photoshoot. How could we resist with such a wonderful story? As unlikely of a set up as this is for Alt F we were thrilled to be there to capture it. We played with the kids and Coca Cola was a total rock star! It was difficult to ignore the energy between Amanda and Terry and we simply cannot wait to photograph their engagement photos for them. Total credit to Amanda and Terry’s wedding planner, Angelica with Green Orchid Events for making a great match between all of us. We are so thrilled to work with this couple and family for years to come!






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