Jesh De Rox life (as an artform) experienitial workshop


life (as an art-form), experiential workshop.  Right in the middle of last month I had the opportunity to travel to Edmonton, Canada to hang out with my good friend Jesh De Rox for a few days.  Besides being lucky enough to spend time with Jesh again, I also had a chance to participate a little in his experiential workshop as a surprise guest speaker.  If you haven’t been to one of Jesh’s workshops or had the opportunity to hear him speak, the best way to describe it would be that “it is to be experienced”.  Even though I was there to teach just a little, I went away with far more than I left… what I learned will most likely influence my photography and life for some time to come.  Here are few images of the couple that we shot during one of the sessions.   Much thanks to all those that attended, to Jesh, and especially Theresa for such a wonder time.  As Jesh says often “much love”


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