Amanda and Josh.  A destination wedding in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace with a reception catered by Nobu and in one of the beautiful two story suites in the Nobu tower.  A common scenario in Las Vegas chapels and hotels is that outside photographers are often not allowed to take photographs on property or document the ceremony, instead, it goes to the concession that chapels are contracted with.  Sometimes it sucks. So what does a photographer do when he can’t document the ceremony?  Sit back, watch another photographer do the work and enjoy the ceremony.  I know what you are thinking…. how does one fill out a wedding album and tell a story without the ceremony?  Easy…. capture more portraits. I not only had more time to photograph the couple but we also decided to take my signature lighting technique and create portraits of all of the guests in the same style that we photographed the bride and groom in. I love making portraits – thank you, Amanda, for letting me play with all of your guests….. and the sushi.