So what do you do when you come from out of town and run into one of the very few rainy days that Vegas has to offer?  As in.. it only rained during the exact four hours that you are scheduled for photos and a ceremony?  You say screw it and you roll with the punches just like Jordan and Robert did which proved to be the best possible choice.  When others could allow something as uncontrollable as weather damper what should be their day, these two took it in stride and got some killer images out of it – unique, thriving, bad ass images which leave us with no other choice but to thank the rain Gods – way to filter out the hard core and free spirited and bring them all together for this awesome shoot.

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  • Sarah says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!!!! These pictures are amazing, so happy to be apart of this special day for this beautiful couple! Now they have amazing photos to keep for a lifetime! Amazing job John!