Well, if you haven’t seen Alex and Lior’s engagement session downtown, you really should take a peek before looking through these wedding images. Having the chance to see the location of this not-so-typical backyard wedding prior to the engagement session helped me realize that i wanted to make a theme of images with bright colors, lots of vertical lines and leading diagonals.  It’s always good to be challenged to do something a little different and allow yourself a little extra pressure to perform when you know that the eyes that will be looking at the work have a lot of background in the design world (this might be an understatement).  The private residence where everything took place was so stunning and so well designed it would have simply been easy to photograph a simple overall image of the location and call it good. But i thought instead i would attempt an abstract of the house in a collage of images of interior, exterior, shade, bright sun, afternoon light and evening light to represent this spectacular location.  Congratulations, Alex and Lior. –  .jmc.