Stephanie and Corey

Stephanie loves Corey, Corey loves Stephanie. Their wedding was like a rock and roll show. PfffffsSSSSSSSShT!  Yeah, some other photographers blog entry may sound like that, but not here and not at this moment.  I know Stephanie loves Corey because I’ve watched how strongly she takes care of everything around him. And I know that Corey loves Stephanie because I’ve seen how all of his muscles relax and his breath leaves his body when she enters the room…  their wedding was not just “like” a rock and roll show, it was a fucking ROCK Concert!  (yep I cussed. it’s my blog and I can fucking cuss if I want to).   Why was it a rock concert? Well Stephanie and Corey are in that business…  Corey is “the” Corey Taylor, the front man of Slipknot and Stone Sour.

This post BTW, is not their wedding post.  Rather, this is just a short announcement that Stephanie and Corey were married in the Pearl at the Palms and since it is news worthy it is also time sensitive..  Their real post will be coming a little later because we have so much material because Stephanie gave us complete creative latitude that we had to develop something totally different!  Stay tuned for one of the coolest engagement sessions and a very rock’in set of wedding images!  It is time for us to change the fucking game… just wait for it.    ……..jmc.

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  • Mike V. says:

    What it would be like to shoot the frontman of SLIPKNOT! That is the way that any and all musicians should get married!

  • there’s no other way to describe it JMC..right fucking on!

  • INCREDIBLE!!! Look how stunning the bride is! No wonder we relaxes and sighs when she enters the room! This looks like a wedding made just for YOU! Excited to see more…

  • My husband is the biggest Slipknot fan so I can’t wait to share the rest with him. I love what I see so far! Great work once again!

  • R. J. Kern says:

    Didn’t know you spoke French as well. Great work! Wished I could have been apart of it. At least I can be your Farmville friend and live vicariously via your farm:)

  • Dana Conorman says:

    I am stephanies Cousin:) I wanted to congrat them both they are literally a match made in Heaven and I am so happy for them Both:) xoxo Guys

  • Kathy K. says:

    This is the way everyone should be Married and photographed!

  • Brian says:

    Ok, the photo of the microphone is just plain cool. make for a good fine art print!

  • dude. that’s all i can say.

  • Filipe says:

    Hey man thanks for the photo
    was creative and insane xD

  • Sharon says:

    Stephanie & Corey are an amazing couple . I had the pleasure of meeting her in Orlando during at Slipknot concert. She is so beautiful , Sweet & so perfect for him . I could sense the love they both had for each other. Two very special people & so Happy for them both. Corey & Stephanie ROCK!!!

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you for the amazing photos now that’s art. I can’t wait to see more.

  • jailson says:

    O korey é sem duvida o melhor vocalista do mundo, sou brasileiro e conheci a banda slipknot em 2003 e depois stonesour e fiquei louco pelo som e uns dos meus sonhos é conhecer a banda pessoalmente e o outro sonho é ser uma grande baterista assim como o joey jordson.
    Sou muito seu fã korey.

  • Sara says:

    Your work is Awesome, I really like the way you capture the actual person and you can tell that they feel comfortable with you. Once again, Love you work.